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While a "picture is worth a thousand words," moving pictures speak uncountable volumes.

Appropriate use of video can transform a text heavy web site into a rich interactive experience. A three-minute introductory video gives visitors a much more compelling and profound introduction than a page of words and pictures. Want to launch a new product or service and educate your audience, better, faster and for less cost? Experts agree that it costs hundreds of dollars to put a salesman in front of a potential customer, but delivering a video presentation from your web site allows you to present to hundreds or thousands of potential customers at once - anywhere in the world - 24 hours a day.

Video can be a tool to attract new clients, retain existing ones, increase revenue, and cut down on costs! Below are just some of the ways web video could asset your business:

  • Virtual Tours – Tour your own facility or allow potential clients and buyers to view available property.
  • Product Tutorials – Demonstrate the benefits of your products, how they work and how they are manufactured.
  • Sales Presentations – Outline your company‚Äôs philosophy, products and services as well as the benefits of doing business with you.
  • Commercials – Put your on-air commercial on your web site to ensure people interested in your company will see your ad. If TV airtime is cost prohibitive, put your ad on your web site instead.
  • Internal Policy and Training Videos – Do away with your dusty videotape library and have video training available to your employees at any time from anywhere.

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CrystalVision's VidSpots

VidSpots are a fast, cost-effective way to use online video to promote your business.

CrystalVision's VidSpots are one minute "promos" or "commercials" that use multimedia assets, such as illustrations, photos, animations, voice-over and music to deliver your message. VidSpots can be used as a quick general overview to promote your company, or can focus on a specific product or service that you are trying to publicize.

VidSpots can be:

  • Embedded on your web site
  • Uploaded to YouTube
  • Distributed on CD
  • Embedded into PowerPoint presentations
  • Displayed at trade shows
  • Saved on a laptop or a Flash Drive
  • Promoted through email newsletters with a link to view the video

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