Rapid Development

Our Clients Say...

"Rather than presenting us with a cookie cutter list of services on how our Internet applications could be improved, CrystalVision took the time to meet with our Customer Service and IT Department Managers beforehand. After doing the groundwork and evaluating our needs, they were then able to provide us with the method for online automated payments and other types of functionality that we had been looking for."

James D. Proulx
Proulx Oil and Propane of Newmarket

There's been huge growth in open source web software over the past few years. Not only is it as mature as many commercial alternatives, it also lowers the entry barrier for businesses looking to create dynamic and immersive web sites and web applications. The promotion of blogging software such as WordPress from small, personal sites to enterprise-level content management systems shows the advantages of flexible web platforms built and maintained by the communities that use them. How does this work to your advantage? Open source software provides well-tested and proven software at a much lower price point. We have the knowledge and expertise to get you started on your next project, whether it's a blog to complement your eCommerce site, a community-driven web application, or just about anything else you can dream up.

Why Do We Like Open Source?

We're technology enthusiasts and curious by nature. Open source software allows us to dig into the heart of even the most complex systems. There are lots of communities available for support and, in the end, having source code for a project visible to hundreds or thousands of other people often produces a better product. On that same note, having an open view of many open source products lets us become more knowledgeable about them and helps us customize them to a greater extent than other closed source or proprietary software may allow. Not only can we produce a solid web site using open source software, but we can do it with lower up front costs. That's a win-win situation all around.

Content Management Systems

If you spend time surfing the web, odds are you've heard of WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla or at least seen the names in passing. These are three of the most popular content management systems in use today, open source or otherwise. The array of features and functionality can be intimidating, but we can help you choose the right content platform for your needs. If you're already set up with one of these systems, we can spruce it up with a new design (all three platforms are easily theme-able) or create new modules to enhance the interactive user experience.

Rapid Development Frameworks

On top of content management systems, we employ development frameworks that allow us to build more functionality with less code, meaning you get more for your dollar. These frameworks save us time by allowing us to focus more on the user experience and less on the back end details, resulting in a cleaner, more maintainable product. This also ensures that we can easily maintain and build out your site's functionality as your business grows.

Dynamic User Interfaces

Remember when web sites were static and stilted, requiring a page reload every time you wanted to see a different piece of content? That's the old web. The new web is built to emulate desktop applications. We work hard to keep up with the latest technologies that turn buzzwords like dynamic HTML and AJAX into a product that improves the user experience. Open source JavaScript frameworks provide ways for our developers to dynamically manipulate data on-screen and pass data back-and-forth with the server all without the user having to refresh the page. The less disruptive the interactions between the user and the content on your site, the more likely that user will be to spend time on your site.

Server-Level Software

While it's not as visible as the client-side interactions, the back end server software that runs your web site can literally make or break it. We carry our passion for open source over to the behind-the-scenes software that never gets seen by the public. Linux-based servers running the Apache web server and using the MySQL database server reduce initial site costs while ensuring that future growth and scaling will be just as affordable.

Not Sold on Open Source?

We also have knowledgeable, in-house expert developers on programming platforms including ColdFusion, ASP, and ASP.Net.