Our Clients Say...

"The major advantage of working with CrystalVision is that the web site development they provided allows us to be able to compete against the larger companies in our market place when it comes to internet technology. We are a family-owned third generation company with limited resources, and it is vital in today's technology that we project the same expertise as larger publicly traded companies with in-house capabilities. Right from the first meeting, CrystalVision understood what we wanted to accomplish, and together we are attaining the goals we set. CrystalVision has a unique understanding of what drives traffic flow to a web site. They meet with us quarterly to review details such as Search Engine Data - what search engines our customers are using (Google, Yahoo, etc), Traffic Flow - where the customers are going when they come to our site, and Area Data - where customers are coming from. This key information they provide helps keep our site performing to its fullest potential."

Bo Martin
Middlesex Gases & Technologies

Over the years, our development process has been refined so we can best incorporate valuable client input throughout the various stages. Constructed of multiple phases, it is designed to deliver outstanding results, demonstrate a return on investment and support your continual growth and business development. Every project that comes through our door receives individual attention with a specific focus on your unique needs and expectations.


You may get tired of answering questions! At this initial stage we need to understand your goals, your expectations for the site, your clients, your potential clients and all other aspects of your business as it relates to establishing a successful online presence. We also perform competitive analysis of industry web sites and review preferred web sites and online resources.


We will present you with a proposed plan that includes the phases, time lines, milestones and all the other pertinent information we'll need to get started.


CrystalVision will develop several design concepts based on your current marketing collateral, your online goals and your industry. As always, your review and input will guide us to an exciting final design.


All programming, web applications and development of the entire site occurs at this phase. We welcome client input and review of our progress during this phase.

Quality Assurance

We proof, test, proof, test, proof, test over and over again to ensure sites we produce are of the highest quality. We have a high standard to meet that includes consistency of colors, correct fonts, spelling, grammar, links and so on. To reveal our checklist would take several pages.


Only after extensive testing and client approval, the web site is launched. At this point marketing efforts can be combined for the maximum effect. Press releases, direct mail, email notifications, search engine marketing and many more marketing activities can assist in the event.

Sustained Effort

CrystalVision is adamant about the ongoing time and effort that a web site requires to ensure success. The process does not end at launch. The web site requires continued work to be updated, refreshed and marketed.

Online Marketing

Driving traffic to your site is necessary to meet your long-term goals. The more visitors to your site, the more potential customers or clients you have. CrystalVision wants to ensure that your "Return on Investment" is one that is beneficial. We want your web site to more than pay for itself in the years to come.