CrystalVision Announces New Focus on Multimedia

Newington, New Hampshire. November 13, 2007. CrystalVision, the award winning design and development firm of Newington, New Hampshire, is pleased to announce their increased focus on Multimedia services and the addition of new capabilities.

Due to the increasing number of households with high speed internet and growing popularity of Web Sites such as YouTube and MySpace, the demand for businesses to offer interactive online content has heightened. The use of "multimedia" or multiple forms of information content and information processing (audio, video, animation and interactivity) to inform and entertain an audience greatly enhances the user experience. It is ideal for use in web based solutions such as the creation and delivery of dynamic sales & marketing presentations, interactive training, educational and information delivery tools and virtual tours.

"Multimedia is rapidly gaining popularity on the Web. The incorporation of animation, video and audio can be very effective in communicating your information, while positioning your company as technically advanced" said Deb Brewer, President and CEO of CrystalVision. "We are very pleased to be able to offer these services to our clients," she added.

Though multimedia has always been offered by CrystalVision, a much greater focus is now being turned to these types of features and applications. One of the more recent projects is the one-hour video entitled "Ways to Help This Old Planet", at

Multimedia services provided by CrystalVision include audio and video editing, encoding for inclusion on the web, animated imagery and database-driven dynamic content applications.

About CrystalVision:
CrystalVision provides businesses with the web-based capacity to reach current and potential clients while also implementing powerful tools to streamline corporate productivity.

CrystalVision's expertise is in fully integrated, customized solutions which include web design, web application development, e-commerce & security, content management systems & maintenance, search engine optimization & marketing as well as technically specialized web & e-marketing services.

Through delivering innovative web and e-marketing solutions while forming long-term collaborations with an extensive and flourishing client base, CrystalVision has produced award-winning results for over eleven years. Clients feel secure knowing that CrystalVision is dedicated to providing results that demonstrate a return on investment and support continual growth and business development.

To learn more about how CrystalVision utilizes web technologies to give businesses, corporations and organizations their own niche on the World Wide Web, contact them at 603-433-9559 or visit their Web Site at

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