United Way of the Greater Seacoast Moves to CrystalVision

Newington, New Hampshire. November 6, 2007. United Way of the Greater Seacoast recently moved to the award winning design and development firm, CrystalVision, of Newington, New Hampshire for Web Site hosting and support services. The Web Site, www.uwgs.org, provides a wealth of information about how to get involved and help build a better community.

In addition to hosting the Web Site, CrystalVision provides them with technical support such as routine data back-ups, reliable hosting, automatic server and security upgrades, web-based email and comprehensive Web Site statistics. "We are very happy to be able to provide United Way of the Greater Seacoast with these services and help to support their efforts" said Deb Brewer, owner of CrystalVision.

Cheryl Rau, (former) Marketing Manager stated "It was a wonderful, pleasant and no stress experience working with CrystalVision. Their professionalism and follow up is most impressive. Pro bono certainly is important to a non profit, and when no cost is combined with excellent quality and service we are delighted! Deb chose us and we are very glad she did!"

United Way is focused on bringing people together to find long-term solutions for the most serious community issues, such as access to healthcare, housing, and substance abuse. They develop, support, and work in groundbreaking partnerships that bring together key representatives from the business sector, schools, law enforcement, and direct care agencies. By sharing resources and exchanging ideas, these groups create efficient, measurable, and lasting solutions for the community.

About CrystalVision:
CrystalVision provides businesses with the web-based capacity to reach current and potential clients while also implementing powerful tools to streamline corporate productivity.

CrystalVision's expertise is in fully integrated, customized solutions which include web design, web application development, e-commerce & security, content management systems & maintenance, search engine optimization & marketing as well as technically specialized web & e-marketing services.

Through delivering innovative web and e-marketing solutions while forming long-term collaborations with an extensive and flourishing client base, CrystalVision has produced award-winning results for over eleven years. Clients feel secure knowing that CrystalVision is dedicated to providing results that demonstrate a return on investment and support continual growth and business development.

To learn more about how CrystalVision utilizes web technologies to give businesses, corporations and organizations their own niche on the World Wide Web, contact them at 603-433-9559 or visit their Web Site at www.crystalvision.org.

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