Boston Red Sox Announcer Jerry Remy Launches New Web Presence

Newington, New Hampshire. October 16, 2007. - The Boston Red Sox announcer for the New England Sports Network (NESN) channel, Jerry Remy, has announced the launch of a newly designed Web Site. Remy over the past 19 years has become the "Voice of the Red Sox", and is rapidly becoming the leading resource for Red Sox fans from across the country. The design and development along with hosting and maintenance of the new site is provided by the award winning design and development firm, CrystalVision of Newington, New Hampshire.

To determine the direction of the site, a conference was held between a random selection of RemDawg Nation members, Jerry Remy, John O'Rourke, business partner, and Deb Brewer, owner of CrystalVision. Together they discussed key components that made up the original Web Site, as well as features, functionality and look and feel desired for the new site. Utilizing this information, CrystalVision completely re-designed, incorporating a number of newly created or updated features. As well as fun and factual information about Jerry Remy and RemDawg Nation, the new site includes local and national baseball news, a message board, bulletin board, online store and more. CrystalVision also created a custom section to be self-administered by the client for posting breaking news and up-to-the-minute information.

The collaborative effort between marketing, design, functionality and appearance has met with positive results and tremendous outpouring of support of the new Web Site. "Bright, clean and I love the (bulletin board) look." and "Great resource having all MLB cities newspapers in one easy to find location" were a few comments made by site visitors after Remy's live announcement during a Red Sox game broadcast on NESN. "A great job by CrystalVision" remarked Jerry (the RemDawg) Remy, "the Web Site is loaded with so much information!"

Commenting after the televised announcement of the Web Site launch, President of CrystalVision, Deb Brewer said, "It's been a pleasure working on the Web Site. The combined efforts of a lot of folks made this site possible." She went on to say, "Meeting the fan base and gathering input was key to providing the direction of the site. My hats off to Jerry Remy and John O'Rourke for including them in the direction the site should go. We handled the technical aspects, but the fans of the RemDawg have provided the support and motivation behind it all."

Jerry Remy, or "The RemDawg" as he has come to be known, has been a broadcaster since 1988 providing color commentary for each game covered by NESN. Playing with the Boston Red Sox as a second baseman (#2) from 1978 to 1984, Jerry has been the voice and face behind the Boston Red Sox televised games.

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