Burns & Associates Launches New Web Site

Newington, New Hampshire. October 11, 2007. Consulting engineering firm Burns & Associates of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has recently launched a new Web Site. With a recognized competency in serving the condominium community of New England, Burns & Associates combines the traditional disciplines of building technology and engineering economy with an understanding of the unique management form of the common interest development. The design and development along with hosting and maintenance of the new site is provided by the award winning design and development firm, CrystalVision of Newington, New Hampshire.

Based on the Web Site capabilities and support required, CrystalVision recommended their Small Business Initiative. This provides Burns & Associates with a Web Site, unlimited email accounts, hosting, support services and a solid foundation for the future addition of functionality and advanced emarketing techniques.

The Web Site, www.burnsengineers.com, offers information about the key players behind Burns & Associates, as well as an overview of their services including capital reserve fund and developer transition studies as well as engineering solutions. Visitors will also find related articles aimed at expanding the knowledge base in building technology and management of common interest developments. The clean and user friendly interface provides quick and easy access to all the informational content provided on the site. In addition, full optimization was performed during the development to ensure that the site is "search engine friendly" and easily adaptable to future search engine campaigns.

Burns & Associates receives additional value from CrystalVision through technical support such as routine data back-ups, reliable hosting, automatic server and security upgrades. Further benefits are obtained through client programs such as Free Domain for Life and subscription to CrystalVision's email newsletter, Web Wire, which focuses on the effective use of technology and current emarketing trends. Through the Enterprise GPS Program, routine meetings are scheduled to address changes or updates to the Web Site. Consultations also focus on past and future goals for the company, and how the Web Site can play a valuable role in achieving those goals.

About CrystalVision:
CrystalVision provides businesses with the web-based capacity to reach current and potential clients while also implementing powerful tools to streamline corporate productivity.

CrystalVision's expertise is in fully integrated, customized solutions which include web design, web application development, e-commerce & security, content management systems & maintenance, search engine optimization & marketing as well as technically specialized web & e-marketing services.

Through delivering innovative web and e-marketing solutions while forming long-term collaborations with an extensive and flourishing client base, CrystalVision has produced award-winning results for over eleven years. Clients feel secure knowing that CrystalVision is dedicated to providing results that demonstrate a return on investment and support continual growth and business development.

To learn more about how CrystalVision utilizes web technologies to give businesses, corporations and organizations their own niche on the World Wide Web, contact them at 603-433-9559 or visit their Web Site at www.crystalvision.org.

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