Tropical Fruit Tree Supplier Launches New Web Site

Groton, Massachusetts. October 19, 2006. - Skyfield Tropical of Groton, Massachusetts, has recently launched a new Web Site. Skyfield Tropical is a supplier of rare and cold-hardy tropical fruit trees. The Web Site design blends creativity and content organization into a user-friendly interface. The launch of marks the completion of Phase One of their web development plan, which is being developed and executed through CrystalVision, located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The Skyfield Tropical Web Site features an in-depth overview of the company and the products available. The site also includes an encyclopedia of each tree variety offered by Skyfield Tropical, highlighting its uses, history, origin and medicinal value as well as proper growing conditions and cultivation techniques. This initial launch denotes the completion of the first in a progression of phases.

Phase Two, which is already under development, will include the further expansion of the online encyclopedia plus the integration of an ecommerce application. CrystalVision will implement a customized application that allows visitors to easily shop and securely process purchases. Future phases will focus on emarketing techniques including search engine placements and the administration of an email newsletter. Hosting, maintenance and support services will be managed by CrystalVision. Skyfield Tropical receives additional value through CrystalVision's client programs, such as their "Enterprise GPS", which regularly addresses distinct functionality and features that will continue to improve Skyfield Tropical's corporate productivity, generate customer loyalty and build brand awareness.

About CrystalVision:
CrystalVision provides businesses with the web-based capacity to reach current and potential clients while also implementing powerful tools to streamline corporate productivity.

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CrystalVision is relationship driven. Long-term collaborations with an extensive and flourishing client base have produced award-winning results for over ten years. Clients feel secure knowing that CrystalVision is dedicated to providing results that support their continued growth and exceed their online goals.

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