Internet Contact Account Manager Launches New Web Site

October 27, 2003 - Portsmouth, NH

Internet Contact Account Manager has unveiled their new web presence. Based on an idea from employees of JKC Ventures, "ICAM" is a web-based tool allowing you to easily organize your sales and contact information. It also allows you to track every communication with current or prospective clients, schedule and update tasks, and house all of your contact and account information in one convenient location.

"We created ICAM as a web based application allowing access from any computer with and Internet connection and web browser. ICAM was also created for ease of use. Our company is very sales centric so we created ICAM with our needs in mind," said Cindy Cook, Director of Product Development.

The site, designed and developed by CrystalVision Web Site Design & Internet Services in Portsmouth, features a basic corporate site as well as a secure client area where users can login and see their personalized information. All daily tasks, contact and account information and contact history with contacts is located here. There is also an Admin area for owners of the account to add/remove users and maintain the flow of their personalized ICAM account.

"CrystalVision's design team took us effortlessly through each step of the design process. Their attention to detail and project schedule allowed us to stay on target with our launch date," Cook said.

The ICAM team collectively has more than 40 years of sales experience and have been employed by a number of Fortune 100 Companies in the market today. "Our goal is to bring big business functionality to small business without the big business cost," said Karen Reichenback, Director of Media Relations.

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