HealthActCHQ, Inc. Launches New Updated Web Site

Portsmouth, New Hampshire. September 23, 2010 -

CrystalVision, the award winning New Hampshire web design and development firm located at the Pease Tradeport, is pleased to announce the launch of a re-designed web site for HealthActCHQ, Inc., Email service, site maintenance and web hosting are also being provided.

HealthActCHQ develops industry-leading outcome surveys to assess health-related quality of life and its impact on everyday functioning and well-being. The HealthActCHQ’s (HACHQ) principals have developed and licensed high quality, patient and family outcome surveys for more than two decades. Their Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) measures are used worldwide in clinical trials, patient registries, school systems, clinical care networks, and population-based quality of life outcome research. Additionally, clients are able to register and obtain licenses for the surveys through the web site.

The NH web design company CrystalVision has designed and developed a fresh new site and image for HealthActCHQ. includes survey registration, survey transactions, translation information and a searchable dynamic bibliography. CrystalVision's standard hosting package will provide HealthActCHQ with reliable web hosting, email service, routine data back-ups, automatic server and security upgrades and comprehensive web site statistics. As part of CrystalVision's routine services, face-to-face meetings will be scheduled to address updates, changes and other needs in order to ensure the ongoing online success of

About CrystalVision:
CrystalVision Internet Services provides businesses with the web-based capacity to reach current and potential clients while also implementing powerful tools to streamline corporate productivity.

CrystalVision’s expertise is in fully integrated, customized solutions which include web design, web application development, e-commerce & security, content management systems & maintenance, search engine optimization & marketing as well as other specialized web & e-marketing services.

CrystalVision is relationship driven. Utilizing long-term collaborations with an extensive and flourishing client base have produced award-winning results for over fifteen years. Clients feel secure knowing that CrystalVision is dedicated to providing results that support their continued growth and exceed their online goals.

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