High-Tech Trip Application for Appalachian Mountain Club

August 23, 2004 - Portsmouth, NH

The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) has contracted CrystalVision Web Site Design & Internet Services to create a web-based application that will organize and consolidate all the Appalachian Mountain Club trip programs. The new application will be available in the "Activities" section of the Appalachian Mountain Club's Web Site, www.outdoors.org, this fall.

The custom application will provide a centralized location and features for all twelve AMC Chapters to enter in their individually sponsored chapter trips and excursions, allowing AMC volunteers and staff to post searchable real-time information for upcoming activities. All information can be selectively imported into Quark for publication in the organization's outdoor magazine. "The Appalachian Mountain Club is America's oldest conservation and recreation group, and CrystalVision is pleased to be part of an innovative way to simplify a process that was very time consuming and not cost effective," said Deb Brewer, CrystalVision Founder and President.

Previously, thousands of trips offered each year were spread out among the various Chapter Web Sites, and each Chapter had a different way of supplying their trip listings to the magazine editor. With the new application, the information is organized and uniform in both format and retrieval process and is also centrally located and easily accessible by AMC members from virtually anywhere with Internet access. Trip listings must pass through three levels of approval before finally reaching the editor where they are then authorized for publication on the Web Site and/or magazine. The trips the Appalachian Mountain Club offers range from local hikes to international excursions.

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