Real Time Reporting of Emissions Data

June 2001 - Portsmouth, NH

CrystalVision Web Site Design & Internet Services, based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has developed a new application used to display online, real-time emissions data, collected and monitored by energy companies. The application is one of the first of its kind and will be used for internal monitoring purposes as well as public information.

The emissions data collected and monitored by energy companies is normally stored in an internal database application. The data is securely transmitted and stored for display when requested by a visitor to the Web Site. Graphical formatting in either bar or line charts makes viewing the data easy for the user and gives an overview of the energy plant's performance. Additional "educational" information is included so that the general public and other laymen can interpret the graphs. Notes regarding calibration periods, start-ups and shut-downs will be included to explain the various fluctuations in the data.

"This application can be used for internal monitoring of emissions data, public information and/or compliance issues. It's the first online application that has the capability of displaying data on an actual real-time basis. We are excited to be able to offer this product and feel it will be a valuable asset to energy companies nationally and internationally," says Deb Brewer, CrystalVision's CEO.

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