Nation's Idol Launches First Season

Newington, New Hampshire. May 6, 2008. – CrystalVision, the award winning web design and development firm of Newington, NH, is proud to announce the launch of Nation's Idol's very first season. "Nation's Idol", the latest addition to, is a video competition giving Red Sox fans from coast to coast the chance to become RemDawg Nation's next singing superstar.

Throughout this season, monthly competitions will be held to find the most entertaining singers in RemDawg Nation. Entrants will share their musical talent with RemDawg Nation by creating videos of themselves and friends singing their favorite songs. Competitors can choose any song they wish and can submit a different video every month. Thousands of Remy Report visitors from across the nation will cast their votes to elect the first Nation's Idol. Monthly winners will receive two tickets to a Red Sox home game the following month, and in September, the RemDawg Nation will vote to select which of the monthly winners is worthy to be called "Nation's Idol 2008."

To implement "Nation's Idol" on the web site, CrystalVision provided a dynamic AJAX powered solution leveraging the power and popularity of the YouTube platform. By using the existing infrastructure and familiar interface of YouTube, they were able to dramatically cut bandwidth costs and provide a familiar experience for users.

At the end of each month, after the votes are counted, the winning video will remain posted for the season. Winners will be decided based on the highest number of fan votes. During each month, all videos will be available to be viewed and voted on by fans at

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