CrystalVision Starting 8th Year

March 5, 2003 - Portsmouth, NH

Eight years in the web development segment of the high tech industry makes CrystalVision Web Site Design & Internet Services one of the few long-standing firms to make it through the industry instability.

Affectionately named after Brewer's Mother and "biggest cheerleader", Crystal, the firm offers Web Site design, development of complex internet applications, online advertising, extensive search engine placement, marketing campaigns, e-commerce solutions as well as ongoing maintenance and hosting.

A desire to learn about their client's business and the online marketing goals of their clients has been a critical factor in the success of CrystalVision. Client interviews, detailed needs assessments and competitive analysis are just a few of the methods CrystalVision, located in downtown Portsmouth, uses to gain an invaluable understanding of their client's business. According to Owner and President, Deb Brewer, (this grasp of each client's business) has been her key to sustaining and growing during economic uncertainty and turbulent times for the tech industry. Hard work, conscientious leadership and determination has all paid off as CrystalVision celebrates the start of their 8th year in business on the Seacoast.

According to Brewer, the road to success has had its challenges. "My vision for the company has always been to be a full service web development firm to assist companies in initiating and maintaining a successful web presence. After a short period of time where I was the marketing department and the development team, I soon realized that going it alone would prevent me from growing the company as I had envisioned." With little capital, Brewer then opened an office on "The Hill" in Portsmouth, hired employees and proceeded to pursue her vision. Three years later CrystalVision moved to it's current office on Market Street, where it's been since 2000.

Brewer credits such steps as reviewing and adjusting her business plan to factor in the maturing web development market and employee satisfaction as contributing to her steady growth. "I have read various press releases that have stated 'optimistic expansion and over-zealous expenditures' as the reason other web development firms have gone out of business. I am optimistic and determined, but also have realistic expectations for the company. We have slowly and steadily grown over the past 6 years and I continually plan the future in a controlled and systematic approach. I think this is the reason we are still in business eight years later."

"The fostering of long-term client relationships is also of major importance for CrystalVision" comments Brewer. "Many of the company's first clients from 1995 are still clients to this day. More than sixty-five percent of our new business has come from referrals. The rest are from networking and advertising."

Brewer explains, "Unlike other web design firms, we don't designate projects to specific account managers rather each programmer and designer works in unison. Because we have researched the client and the project at hand, the strategy and approach is custom-tailored to the client's needs." For CrystalVision, this approach has resulted in a customer base, which runs the gamut of industries from manufacturing, healthcare and management training, to environmental and retail.

According to Jim Proulx, CEO of Proulx Oil and Propane of Newmarket, this customized approach has worked to his advantage. "Rather than presenting us with a cookie cutter list of services on how our Internet applications could be improved, Deb took the time to meet with our Customer Service and IT Dept Managers beforehand. After doing the groundwork and evaluating our needs, she was then able to provide us with the method for online automated payment that we had been looking for."

In their ongoing commitment to be a full-service web development firm, they offer a comprehensive search engine placement program. "Part of our goal is to ensure a client's online success. Marketing the Web Site is part of the continuing effort on the client's behalf."

David Grilli, President of The MuShield Company has had a long-term relationship with CrystalVision that has helped his company obtain new business through his Web Site. "Our Web Site is our most important piece of advertising. CrystalVision has been extraordinary in keeping the site updated and findable on the web. CrystalVision's web savvy has kept us well ahead of our competition."

Brewer's lack of intimidation and willingness to work with multi-faceted industries carries over to her work with the non-profit sector. In addition to her pro-bono work for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Seacoast, CrystalVision also has "Adopted a Spot" in the City of Portsmouth.

Brewer continues to be optimistic about the future and wants to continue to meet and exceed the needs of CrystalVision's clients and to proceed to build a company where employees enjoy coming to work. "I feel I still have the entrepreneurial spirit, but I'm also diligent and cautious about how I proceed. I think the biggest attribute is determination. I am still as determined to carry out my vision for the company as I was on day one"

CrystalVision Web Site Design & Internet Services is a full service web development firm offering initial design and development, ongoing maintenance and updates, hosting, email forwarding, search engine optimization, online marketing, e-commerce, shopping cart applications, secure applications, database applications, online competitive research. For more information, visit their Web Site at or contact them 433-9559

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