Environmental View Applications Formed to Address Technology Needs in the Industry

February 2002 - Portsmouth, NH

CrystalVision Web Site Design & Internet Services, located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire recently formed a subsidiary entitled Environmental View Applications. The subsidiary will address the Internet-related needs of the environmental industry by developing and maintaining web-based applications.

One such application already in use was developed for a large power plant in the Northeast. The emissions data collected by their internal monitoring system is transmitted on a daily basis to a web server. The web application developed by Environmental View accepts, archives and formats the data for viewing by the public online. The online data includes EPA limits and descriptions of the various emission elements to further educate the public. The client felt this was an excellent way to promote public stewardship in allowing this data to be displayed and available for any one with Internet access to view.

Environmental View Applications worked with the power plant and with the hardware vendor of the monitoring equipment to develop a cohesive working application to meet the needs of the client, the regulators and the local communities.

"This is only one of many applications that we have planned to assist companies in environmental compliance and public stewardship," stated Deb Brewer, President of CrystalVision and Environmental View. "We look forward to working with environmental consultants and other related companies to enhance the data that is currently being collected and monitored. We have the capability to make that data accessible to select individuals through a secure area or open to the public."

Environmental View Applications is a high-tech company specializing in web-based applications for the environmental industry. Emissions monitoring and the electronic delivery of large analysis and reports are two of the web applications currently offered by the Company. Customized development of web-based applications based on the client's needs is the specialty of Environmental View.

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